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Families of Hope supports a wide range of TEAR's partners across the world in their work with families, children and the wider community. Thanks to your support, these are their stories. These are your stories too. Join Families of Hope on Facebook

Families of Hope

Community-Based Education Interventions

Vision Terudo, Uganda

Proving that institutions are not the only way to care for orphans, this program empowers teachers, schools, extended family and Christian leaders to provide traditional community care for “child-headed households”. While poverty had eroded these traditional care systems, Christians in the community are working to rebuild them. This enables children to stay on their family land and eases the burden for older children, who often grow their own food, earn an income, attend school and care for younger siblings. Read more...

Vision TERUDO (Teso Rural Development Organisation) began in 1982 to respond to communities in the Teso region of Uganda. It was founded as a Christian agency, built on values like love, unity, human dignity and justice, it believes development is a process of realising the full potential of human life as God intended it to be.

Supporting children in community

In Uganda, the prevalence of HIV means that every community faces the difficult issue of caring for orphans and vulnerable children who have lost one or both parents to the disease.

TEAR's long-term partner, Vision TERUDO, has been a strong advocate for the rights of these children through its Community-Based Education

Interventions project, which works in partnership with the local community to care for children, rather than using an external model (like an orphanage). The project engages schools to identify vulnerable children, and then forms a support group around the children that includes their caregivers, the school coordinator and volunteer community leaders.

Group members can access agricultural training and other support like seeds or livestock, which can be used to provide a long-term income. They are encouraged to contribute to group savings that can be used to re-invest in livestock or seeds, and can access loans from the group for things like medical care.

Opedum Cuthbert,15, is the eldest of six children who live with their grandmother and widowed mother. His family is thankful for the training accessed through the program, which has helped them grow groundnuts, citrus and cassava. Through help from the group, and with their own savings, they have now built a small brick house. It still needs some finishing touches (like windows), but they are confident they can continue saving to complete it soon.

Child-Focused Basic Literacy and Numeracy

Kale Heywet, Ethiopia

Offering pre-school education for children, this church-based program teaches children to read, write and count—basic pre-requisites for primary school enrolment in Ethiopia. Without this program, the children of illiterate parents, who cannot teach their children these basic skills, miss out on a government-funded education.

Community-Based Integrated Management of Childhood Disability

United Mission to Nepal, Nepal

For the some of the most vulnerable children, those with a disability, UMN is supporting local Nepali organisations to provide the best care possible in the context. TEAR's support is being directed especially to those community-based components of the program that build the capacity of children and families living with disability, to ensure that their rights are recognised and honoured by community and government, and that they are included and have access to mainstream services. The bottom line of this program is to build a community environment where children living with a disability will have the opportunity to thrive.

Can Sign

Nzeve Deaf Children's Centre, Zimbabwe

NZEVE means 'the ear' in the local language, and this centre is providing not only education, psychosocial and spiritual support for children with hearing impairment, but also lending an ear to the needs of their families. By working with parents, siblings, teachers and the children involved, NZEVE's support means children can communicate more widely in their own community.

The Community Health Project

Family Impact, Zimbabwe

This project is a health and family relationships intervention meant to benefit vulnerable children and women. It intends to strengthen vulnerable members of rural communities to disease. Men and community leaders will benefit from the projects as part of the wider community.

Stories of Hope

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