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The NSW Young Adults Group retreats to the Mountains

At the start of February some TEAR Young Adults had a few days away to hang out, walk, talk, eat, reflect and pray. The Blue Mountains provided an idyllic setting for our time away.

Here's what a couple of participants thought of the retreat:

Our getaway for a couple of nights up the Blue Mountains was a combination of many of my favourite things: some fun and games, challenging discussion, amazing friends, bushwalking and food. We enjoyed sharing about a variety of hard topics, from how we spend our money, how we make sense of the Bible, how we interact with our neighbours (local and global), and how to live a life of counter-cultural creativity in a society that dictates passive entertainment and consumption, all with one eye on how this changes the patterns of living in our everyday rhythms.

It makes me particularly excited to have a welcoming and open community with whom no discussion is off limits, all committed to the same goal: humbly seeking to follow Christ. Times like these are very energising for future activities as a group, and we’re looking forward to continuing our involvement together through the NSW TEAR Conference, Voices for Justice and Beyond Festival!

- Jono

The NSW Young Adults Group retreats to the Mountains

The Young Adults Tear Retreat was fantastic! The best thing was that we were all surrounded by people who were willing to engage in discussion: people who were not afraid to throw around ideas and be challenged, to speak loudly and passionately, but also to listen and understand new points of view. Ultimately, it was a weekend where we sought to gather and sort of nut things out together, figuring out how we do Jesus and this ‘life’ thing. From the outset, it felt like a space where we were comfortably able to do that, where everyone was open-minded and ready to learn. Such a super duper weekend.  #wouldrecommmend 10/10

- Luci

As Jono mentioned, there's a few get-togethers and events planned for the coming months. If you'd like more information, email the NSW office ( or contact Steve Barnett on 0406 855 423

The NSW Young Adults Group retreats to the Mountains


  • Mount Victoria NSW 2786, Australia


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