TEAR is committed to being shaped by those that are a part of the wider TEAR community, and we simply can’t do this without your feedback.

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General Feedback

If you have any feedback on our publications, events, campaigns or anything else about how TEAR operates- whether positively or negatively- please let us know by emailing or phoning 03 9264 7000.


TEAR also values complaints. They can be an important source to identify and address issues of justice. Complaints can also help us with organisational learning so that we do our work better. Complaints relate to TEAR’s commitment to accountability and relationships, allowing stakeholders the opportunity to have grievances heard and seek redress. Receiving and dealing with complaints offers TEAR an opportunity to restore damaged or broken relationships, or improve new and existing ones.

TEAR Australia has a process for handling complaints. Should you wish to read our complaints policy or lodge a complaint or give any feedback, please email or phone 03 9264 7000.

Are you concerned about a breach in the ACFID Code?

TEAR Australia is committed to full adherence to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct. Should you wish to lodge a complaint against TEAR Australia’s compliance with the Code, please contact ACFID via the following details:

Australian Council for International Development (ACFID)
Code of Conduct
Ph: (02) 6285 1816

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TEAR Australia is a Christian development, relief and advocacy organisation responding to global poverty and injustice. More >

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