Reconciliation Action Plan

We invite you to read the TEAR Australia Reconciliation Action Plan for 2013-15. It is our first “Stretch RAP” and represents our desire to reach higher goals toward reconciliation. It has been developed by a team of TEAR staff working with Aboriginal people from the Dhumba Committee.

Our first RAP was developed in 2009 with the help of elders Denis and Maureen Atkinson. Since then, we have made significant progress, not only in making TEAR a culturally welcoming place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but also in building partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups. 

TEAR staff regularly take part in training. We make sure that every significant TEAR event opens with a Welcome or Acknowledgement of Country. Every TEAR state and national conference since 2009 has included significant input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We still have a way to go. We encourage you to read the current RAP and see what we aim to achieve. You may also want to consider developing a RAP for the organisation you work with. You can also check out TEAR's Reconciliation Resource Kit for churches and groups on the journey toward reconciliation.

Reconciliation Action Plan

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