As a faith-based Christian organization we seek to adhere to biblical teaching, evaluating our work and attitudes in its light. Consequently we aspire to the following values.

A commitment to the poor

All people, being made in the image of God, are of equal value and worth. Therefore, we are committed to working with poor people and communities, supporting them as they strive to meet their basic needs, overcome injustice and fulfil their God-given potential. In so doing we are committed to fully acknowledging the integrity, worth and initiative of those who are oppressed by poverty in all our educational and fundraising activities.

A commitment to the whole person

We are committed to work with people in the context of family, community and environment, with concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.


Fabric merchants create a colourful street scene in Nepal.

A commitment to justice

We are committed to live justly, according to biblical principles. We recognise this has radical implications for the way we manage resources, and requires our willingness to speak and act on behalf of the powerless and marginalized.

A commitment to prayer

Recognising our dependence upon God, we acknowledge the need to be earnest in prayer, not only regarding our work but also that of our partners.

A commitment to relationships

We are committed to partnership based on good relationships with our partners, supporters and colleagues, showing humility and integrity in our dealings with others.

A commitment to participation

We are committed to making it possible for supporters, volunteers, staff and members to fully and effectively participate in and shape key aspects of our work.

A commitment to excellence

We are committed to work with partners, supporters, co-workers and volunteers in a professional manner. We will strive for excellence, encouraging creativity and innovation.

A commitment to learn from others

We are committed to learning from others in humility, and will seek to respond well to constructive criticism, and the changing needs of those we serve.

A commitment to collaboration

We are committed to working with other organisations in a spirit of collaboration rather than competition, locally, nationally and internationally.

A commitment to accountability

We are accountable to God for our use of time and resources. We are accountable to our partners, members and supporters, striving to be honest, trustworthy and transparent. We are committed to making what we do consistent with what we say.

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