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TEAR Reps can make a difference!

Are you passionate to see a more just world, poverty alleviated and injustice eliminated? Then we need to hear from you!

TEAR Reps are all ages, come from different walks of life and can be found in churches, youth groups, workplaces, schools, colleges and universities. They are a vital link between TEAR’s work around the world and our local faith communities. By communicating the message of TEAR, you can help to raise awareness of injustice and poverty, share God’s concern for the poor,  and encourage others to take positive action on behalf of those in need. If this sounds like you - we are keen to resource and support you in this rewarding role!

TEAR Representatives

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What does a TEAR Rep do?

TEAR Reps are a vital link between TEAR’s work around the world and our supporters in Australia. Reps encourage Christians in their church, school, university or other community to share God’s concern for people struggling with poverty and injustice. Reps also aim to give people practical ways that they can take positive action from within a biblical framework on behalf of those in need.

The document below outlines the tasks required in being a TEAR Rep. It also lists the ways TEAR will support you in the TEAR Rep role and the resources available to you.

We ask that you make a commitment of two years to the role of TEAR Rep, and naturally we would be delighted if you wished to continue in the role beyond that. The TEAR Rep role can be shared with a friend or spouse, and if you are a Rep at a church which has a number of services, then there could be a TEAR Rep for each service.

At TEAR, we understand that every church situation is different, and there is enormous scope for you to be creative in the way you fulfil this role in your church. Below, we have outlined the key aspects of the TEAR Rep role. In addition you will find a further list of optional ideas you may wish to explore. As stated above, Reps can work within any group. However, for simplicity, we will refer to churches only from here on. Just remember that the same can apply to any group.

Please read through this document and get back to us if you have any questions or need any resources. It may also be a good idea to talk it through with someone in leadership at your church.

Useful Documents for TEAR Reps

What does a TEAR Rep do?

Ideas for TEAR Reps who want to do more!

How to get more involved with TEAR

What does a TEAR Rep do?

Brian and Denise are TEAR Reps in Qld.

Meet Some TEAR Reps

Denise and Brian Eugard (Qld)

My husband Brian and I enjoy being the local TEAR Reps at our church community. It is something we can do together as a couple. We're excited by the way TEAR works around the world and in Australia. We love sharing with people how TEAR operates with its partners overseas, and in Australia facilitating and supporting the creation of local TEAR Groups across Queensland.

Brian pops the quarterly TEAR Newsletter into people's pigeon holes at church. Reading the magazine is inspiring—connecting with people overseas and being inspired by their resilience and desire to help transform their communities through many small and large feats.

Most years we have also presented TEAR's amazing "Kids4Kids" resources at the annual Ignite youth workshops. After personal experience of using these resource kits as a classroom and disability teacher, I would encourage all that have involvement with children to have a good look at these resources, as they empower children of primary school and early high school age to believe they can find ways to respond to the needs of others in practical ways.

Meet Some TEAR Reps

Brian and Denise Eugard.

How does TEAR support TEAR Reps?

TEAR staff members are on hand to talk with you about your church's needs and ways to promote TEAR. They will keep in contact to find out how the role is going and to share ideas.

In addition to our existing national and local events, TEAR is developing a range of training modules especially designed for our key volunteers. Modules topics may include: running an advocacy campaign; working for change in your church; an introduction to Integral Mission; and speaking publicly about TEAR.

How does TEAR support TEAR Reps?

TEAR's publications are a great way to keep up to date with the latest at TEAR. These include Target, TEAR News and TEAR Update.

Over the years, TEAR has developed a number of intensive church kits designed to take your church deeper on questions of poverty, justice and faith. These include Just Faith, which explores the connections between our faith and the big issues of the world today.

Transform Together recognizes that churches are increasingly looking for a deeper and more holistic connection with overseas mission, including ministry to the world's poor and marginalised. There is a growing trend among many churches and Christian groups to have fewer mission partners, but to seek meaningful connections with overseas partners and explore deeply what a biblical response to poverty might mean for them. TEAR's new Transform Together offers that connection!

Useful Documents for TEAR Reps

How does TEAR support TEAR Reps?

TEAR Contacts and Web Links

We also want to hear your ideas and suggestions to better resource you! Email tearreps@tear.org.au

Resources for TEAR Reps

Please see the files below for TEAR Rep resources, as well as:

Don't forget, TEAR staff members are on hand to talk with you about your church's needs and ways to promote TEAR. They will keep in contact to find out how the role is going and to share ideas.

Useful documents for TEAR Reps

Event planning checklist
Foundational articles for sermons
Greening your Church     NEW
How does TEAR do development?
How to do a 5 minute talk     NEW
Ideas for prayer
Inspiring Stories          NEW
MDG Reasons to Celebrate      NEW
Putting the 'fun' into FUNdraising
Quotes on poverty
Sustainable TEAR Australia Events Checklist     NEW

Useful Gifts Resources

Ideas to share Useful Gifts with your friends, family & community NEW
Ideas to share Useful Gifts with your friends at school NEW
Useful Gifts 15 minute talk outline     NEW

Share and Advocate Resources

These articles are written to help people understand single issues in depth, with additional pointers on how to advocate on the issue.

Advocating for Australian Aid   NEW
Climate Justice
Health MDGs - Finish the Race
Human trafficking
Indigenous reconciliation     NEW
Maternal health
Water and sanitation


Other Resources

Interested? Find out more

If you'd like more information about becoming a TEAR Rep, please contact our friendly staff on 1800 244 986, info@tear.org.au - or your local TEAR office.

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