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Love Your Neighbours: Become a monthly giver

Become a monthly giver

Next to loving God with all that we are, Jesus says the greatest thing anyone can do is to love their neighbour as themselves. His command takes on new levels of meaning in our globalised and interconnected world.

Suddenly our neighbours don’t just live on the same street. God’s ‘kingdom neighbourhood’ has no borders. Will you join the movement towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience their God-given potential?

With your monthly contribution, we have the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love in tangible action. TEAR and our Christian partners are working every day to shine more of Christ’s love to some of the most marginalised communities in the world.

See how:

Begin a journey of personal and community transformation

Making a regular monthly donation to TEAR isn’t about giving to a charity. You’ll be starting a journey with us as we provide you with updates and resources to share with your friends, family or church. These resources will challenge and inspire you, as together we pursue a more just and compassionate world.

When you give monthly to TEAR...

$25 a month does more than just provide safe water – it can help parents care for their children and prevent disease.

$35 a month does more than teach an adult to read – it can create opportunities to teach others, to earn a living and to pursue a better life for the next generation.

$50 a month does more than buy a goat - it helps a family generate an ongoing income.