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TEAR's Development Education Experience Programs (DEEP) allow you to explore what it really means to bring "good news to the poor".

TEAR Australia provides a range of life-changing, grassroots opportunities to explore what it really means to bring "good news to the poor". Meet people who face daily struggles for survival and hear inspiring stories of how they are overcoming their challenges. See their situation. Share their journeys. And learn from those walking alongside them - working for the “kingdom of heaven on earth”.

TEAR’s Exposure Experiences are about going DEEPer in your faith and justice journey. Going DEEPer with TEAR’s partners, seeing their amazing work for yourself, hearing stories of hope and challenge directly from marginalised but resilient communities, and allowing God to speak to you about what it looks like for you to make a response to poverty and injustice in your own context.

TEAR's Development Education Experience Programs (DEEP) are exciting, confronting and unforgettable!

Note: Next trip dates have not been set as at June 2019. Please express your interest and we will be in touch.

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Wondering what is involved? Past trips:

If these DEEPs are not for you, let us know what you're looking for.

It’s one thing to watch a news report of development issues and another thing to be there in person, face to face, sitting amongst resilient and courageous individuals who are working together to overcome extreme poverty.

Former DEEP participant
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TEAR’s DEEPs will not require you to build something, paint something, run a children’s program, visit an orphanage, preach a sermon or fix something. We leave that to the locals.

The main tasks you will be doing on a DEEP with TEAR is taking time out to listen, pray, see and learn about what God is doing through the church in marginalised communities around the world and reflect on how God is calling you to personally respond.

Interested? Contact us:

Email or call us for any queries: [email protected], 1800 244 986, or express your interest and we'll be in touch.

TEAR's approach to Exposure Trips