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TEAR Supporter Trips

A transformational encounter. Listen to the stories. Experience the hope.

A transformational encounter. Listen to the stories. Experience the hope.

Capturing the heart of TEAR’s work in India.
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Travel with TEAR to visit the inspiring work of TEAR’s longest standing partner, EFICOR, in Bihar, India.

The power of relationships to bring change in Mozambique.
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Be inspired by the faith and servant-hearted work of TEAR's partners serving over 5400 households.

Celebrating International Women’s Day in Nepal
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Travel with TEAR to Nepal to celebrate some incredible change-makers and the special beauty God created in women and girls.


See for yourself!

Our upcoming supporter trips have been designed to give you a meaningful glimpse of TEAR’s work.


Each trip is a structured 5-day visit to the field. The rest of the itinerary is up to you.


The rough cost of a TEAR supporter trip is approximately $1500 (India), $1400 (Nepal) and $2500 (Mozambique), excluding airfares, insurance and any vaccinations you might require.

Group size

Places are limited to 6 supporters on each trip.

Register your interest to help us secure your place:

Register your interest

Be inspired: Travel with TEAR

Scores of women, men, children and whole communities around the world have found new hope and new life thanks to your decision to respond to poverty and injustice through TEAR.

TEAR supporter trips

We invite you to come on a 5-day Supporter Trip and meet some of these people for yourself:

  • Share a cup of tea together in their home.
  • Meet their children.
  • Hear about their struggles and hopes for the future.
  • See the sparkle in their eyes!
  • Be humbled and challenged in your faith and stewardship journey.
  • Return to Australia with inspiring stories to share.
Register your interest

There’s no substitute for talking to a person and hearing their story for yourself.

Karen Brading Trip participant to Cambodia, 2019

When you travel on a Supporter Trip with TEAR you will get a genuine, up-close encounter with some of the beauty and challenges of our world. There is a good chance God will reveal to you situations of injustice that are breaking His heart and will break yours too.

Travelling with TEAR “gives you a firsthand glimpse into how TEAR’s partners are working to show God’s love to the poorest of the poor in their country. It also allows God to work in your heart.” (Libbie Arnott, India 2015)

TEAR supporter Karen Brading visited Cambodia with TEAR in January 2019. She says: “There’s no substitute for talking to a person and hearing their story for yourself.”

Learn more

Bihar, India

Bihar, India

March 2020

Capturing the heart of TEAR's work

Learn more: INDIA
Beira, Mozambique

Beira, Mozambique

September 2020

The power of relationships to bring change.

Learn more: Mozambique
Nuwakot district, Nepal

Nuwakot district, Nepal

March 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Learn more: NEPAL

Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I be doing on the trip? Will I be able to “do something” to help those in need?

TEAR’s Supporter Trips are a bit different from some other trips you might have heard of before. They will not require you to build something, paint something, run a children’s program, visit an orphanage, preach a sermon or fix something. A field trip with TEAR is an opportunity to listen, learn, pray and ask God how He is calling you to respond.

You will have time for daily team devotions, prayer time with inspiring local Christians working for TEAR’s partners, a chance to hear some of their incredible stories of service and sacrifice, and at the heart of our trips: project visits to meet with the very communities you’ve read about in TEAR’s publications, walk through their neighbourhood with them, share a cuppa and see the sparkle in their eyes as they talk about their hopes for the future. And we can tell you, there is no shortage of hope!

How much does it cost?

The rough cost of a trip like this is approximately $1500pp (India), $1400pp (Nepal) and $2500pp (Mozambique) for all accommodation, meals, bottled water, in-country transportation and coordination costs. On top of this you will need to personally organise your international flights, visas, travel insurance and any required immunisations.

Who goes and for how long?

Trips are typically 5 days long in-country (plus international travel on either side and any extra time you wish to add on for sightseeing). A maximum of 6 TEAR supporters from around Australia will travel, with each trip led by 1-2 TEAR Australia staff members as well as expert local partner staff.

Where will I stay?

Accommodation is safe and affordable and is typically the equivalent of a 3-4 star facility. It will depend on whether you are in a city or village as to what is available.

TEAR supporter trips

What happens if I get sick?

TEAR is committed to do all we reasonably can to ensure the health, safety and security of trip participants.

Because we understand each traveller is different, we collect medical and health information for each participant ahead of time so we can be aware of any limitations and needs you may have. We ask all participants to meet with their GP / Psychologist prior to going on a Supporter Trip to ensure that you are well enough to cope with these conditions and potential stressors and that we do all we can prior to travel to ensure that your physical and mental health will not be adversely affected by the trip. This includes getting the necessary vaccinations, prophylaxis and medicines to take away with you. We also require all participants to take out travel insurance that will cover any costs associated with medical care that you need to access while on a trip with TEAR.

While we understand this can be a burden, your safety and health is our main concern while traveling with us. And we can assure you that you will always be with experienced TEAR staff and/or TEAR partners who will look after you and make sure you can access medical help and supplies to get better quickly if you do fall sick.

TEAR supporter trips bus

Will I be safe?

TEAR and our international partners have significant experience of working and travelling in difficult and dangerous locations. While there is always a risk with international travel, the prevention of a security incident is a priority for TEAR and we have the following practices in place to minimise risk to our travellers:

  • Supporter Trips will only be planned to countries with low levels of risk, as identified by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT);
  • We are members of global intelligence agency WorldAware and receive daily intelligence briefs to notify TEAR of any significant travel, safety or security incidents in our areas of work.
  • We regularly check and receive DFAT Smart Traveller Advice and warnings specific to each country of travel, and require each traveller to register their travel with DFAT.
  • A thorough risk assessment for each Supporter Trip is prepared prior to each trip, informed by up-to-date advisories from our experienced local partners, DFAT, and global intelligence agency WorldAware.

What do I need to do before the trip?

The first thing to do is to submit an Expression of Interest and we will be in touch to chat more.

Please also be praying and seeking God about whether it’s His will and timing for you to go on a trip with TEAR at this point in time.

You will then need to fill in an Application Form and once your participation in the trip is confirmed, there will be a range of things to organise that TEAR will guide you through.

If a trip to a developing country is outside your comfort zone, rest assured that we will be alongside you every step of the way. TEAR Australia has taken supporters on trips for nearly 30 years, so we are equipped to help. We will guide you through key trip preparation and provide you with a packing list and a trip booklet that introduces you to the project(s) you will visit, key development challenges and guided reflection pieces to deepen your learning. TEAR staff are also experienced at running pre-trip briefing and post-trip de-briefing sessions, which are an integral part of TEAR’s trips.

TEAR Australia is committed to the well-being and protection of children and vulnerable adults in all of our work. *Please note that to participate in this trip you will be required to complete a Working With Children Check, a National Police Check and agree to comply with TEAR’s Safeguarding Children Policy, Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy as well as other applicable TEAR policies.

Testimonials from previous Supporter Trip participants

“We'll all be processing what we've learned for months and years to come, but we head home with renewed admiration for the love and dedication shown by organisations like Peace Bridges, PNKS, CODO and CHO, and renewed hope that life can improve for people who have lost so much. We also return with a desire to tell their stories to family, friends and church - anyone who'll listen. And we've promised to hold these people in our hearts, pray for them and give of our material wealth in return for the way they've blessed us.” (Cambodia 2017 trip participant)

“I have three daughters and I’d love to be able to contribute something directly [to TEAR’s work]. And I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen, but the potential is there [after my trip to Cambodia] for me to then see my daughters do something positive through what I’m learning as well. And then my church and the wider community as well.” (Karen Brading, Cambodia 2019)

Travelling with TEAR “gives you a firsthand glimpse into how TEAR’s partners are working to show God’s love to the poorest of the poor in their country. It also allows God to work in your heart.” (Libbie Arnott, India 2015)

From TEAR’s partner in Cambodia following an exposure trip: The TEAR Team “have been an encourage to all the staff and the village people. with them being here to see the situation in the villages and to share their experience, have made us feel more connected to the outside world and happy that there are people out there that cares about us.”

“I have learned that it's not an act of charity or good nature for us to help the poor and seek justice, it's not a 'nice' thing, it's our duty and it is an honour. It should be seen as a privilege, a mandate from heaven that we need to take seriously. It's what we are all called to do, it's justice, it's not the nice thing it's the right thing.” (India 2017 trip participant)

“I have new frameworks for understanding God's big mission of justice and reconciliation, and how he calls and works through individuals and the people of God as a whole to bring this about.” (India 2017 trip participant)

TEAR supporter trips
TEAR supporter trips
TEAR supporter trips
TEAR supporter trips

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