Leaving a Bequest

For many people, leaving a bequest is a chance to give more than they could imagine during their lifetime, and to express deeply-held values in a lasting way.

For those who benefit from a bequest to TEAR - some of the poorest people in the world - it is an opportunity for a brighter future.

By helping address the causes of poverty and giving people the resources to address the problems they face, we can show God's compassion and justice to generations to come.

Whether we consider ourselves “rich” or not, we all have something very important we can leave to future generations: a better world.

A lifetime of university teaching and field work overseas has taught me that the material needs of my own children (and grandchildren!) are small indeed alongside those of millions elsewhere: and I have structured my Will accordingly. I could not in conscience do otherwise.

- John, NSW

As a Christian, I have decided in my Will to leave any monies in my estate to further the work of God. I have included TEAR Australia in my Will because the work TEAR does is done in the name of Christ.

- Christopher, QLD

From Steve Bradbury

Former TEAR National Director

Making a Will is a wonderful opportunity to give something back, in thanksgiving and joy.

Your Will is, after all, not only a financial document. It's a way of ensuring that the values you live by, live on - values like compassion, justice, generosity and a belief in the God-given dignity of all people.

When you include a bequest to TEAR Australia in your Will, you'll be assisting poor and marginalised people around the world to become self-sufficient and to regain hope and self-respect. A gift in your Will can change the life of a child, a family, or an entire community.

I have seen the wonderful benefits that strategically planned, long-term development work brings to poor communities.

Therefore, I have no hesitation in inviting you to leave a bequest to the work of TEAR Australia.

How to remember TEAR in your Will

It's simpler that you might think.

If you have an existing Will

If you have already made a Will and need to make a few changes only, you can simply download and complete the Codicil form (below). When it's been signed and witnessed, attach it to your Will. Please notify TEAR Australia of your decision.

When writing a new Will

If you intend to include TEAR Australia in a new Will, or make substantial changes to an existing one, we recommend you seek legal assistance. You can download some suggested legal wording (below) to include here.

You may also find this guide to legal words and phrases (below) helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: TEAR Australia, a company limited by guarantee, has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient and an income tax exempt charitable entity for income and capital gains purposes.

Contact us

If you wish to discuss including TEAR Australia in your Will with a member of TEAR's staff, please phone our Bequests Officer on (toll free) 1800 244 986 or email bequests@tear.org.au

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