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More than Enough

1 in 9 people are held back by hunger. But with your support, mothers like Misozi don't have to be. Give to TEAR’s End of Financial Year Appeal.


Eofy19 Misozi 2

What more than enough looks like: Misozi, Zambia.

Misozi works tirelessly to provide for her seven children – not just enough food, but the right food to protect them from malnutrition.

When her husband passed away, Misozi faced the threat of months without adequate food. She faced the devastating compromise of sending her children to school hungry – or not at all.

But TEAR's local partner, Reformed Church in Zambia Diaconia Department, is equipping Misozi with sustainable farming practices, education in nutrition, and supportive relationships in her community. Now, not only is there enough food on the table, but Misozi’s livelihood is more secure, her kids are healthier, and her entire community is growing stronger together.

For the first time in a decade, global hunger is on the rise.

But around the world, in places where the ache of hunger is felt most deeply, TEAR Australia’s partners are present, helping people living in poverty access not just enough to survive, but to thrive in all areas of life.

God’s pattern for provision goes beyond the bare minimum.

And He calls the church to reflect His generous and abundant nature in a world focused on fear and self-protection. He calls us to imagine, through His eyes, what more than enough can look like.

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Passionate about seeing people in poverty move beyond survival?

You’ll love what our local Christian partners are doing in places like Zambia, where food insecurity and malnutrition are huge challenges. People are enjoying better food, sustainable livelihoods and restored relationships. It’s a beautiful expression of God’s vision for fullness of life.

Your gift to TEAR’s End of Financial Year Appeal will mean more than enough for people living in poverty.

Give now

How your gift can help:

  • $55 can help a Farmer's Group secure better livelihoods through agriculture and business training (India)
  • $70 can support a Community Health Worker to help families at risk of malnutrition access and prepare food that is nutritionally rich and diverse (Zambia)
  • $110 can support highly vulnerable women to develop vocational skills, income generation activities and supportive peer relationships (Afghanistan)
  • $150 can empower a Savings Group with business skills and planning for sustainable livelihoods (South Sudan).

Last year:

Improving food security
128,504 people were directly impacted by projects improving food security and yields from agricultural activities.
Improved household income
203,827 people were part of initiatives to improve household income and reduce poverty.
Women’s empowerment initiatives
41,453 women and their families were directly impacted by women’s empowerment initiatives.
Improved health and sanitation
258,240 people experienced improved health and sanitation.

Figures from last financial year 2017-2018.

Donate to TEAR’s End of Financial Year Appeal.

Give now

Donations to TEAR Australia’s End of Financial Year Appeal will support the work of TEAR Australia and our overseas partners’ Food and Livelihoods projects. Should funds donated exceed the amount required, TEAR Australia will redirect donations to other development work. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. TEAR Australia ABN 85 085 413 832. How your money is used. | View our privacy policy.