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SA calendar 2018

Sunday 11 February 2018

Prayer Day 13 May, Adelaide

Prayer Day

  Join us to pray for the work of TEAR and the TEAR Family.  We will have resources and some of TEAR's project officers helping us understand the issues TEAR's partners are facing.  This event will not only help you pray on the day but throughout the year.

To register your interest or request more information please contact Ben Clarke - 

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SA calendar 2018

Going deeper with TEAR in SA

Once again, thank you to those who attended our SA Conference: Renew Our World!

Here are a couple of great ways to connect further with the TEAR community and go deeper in your justice journey:

Join or start a TEAR Group

If you want to know more about TEAR, help us with our advocacy or to keep yourself informed of the work of TEAR, join or start a TEAR Group. Or get in touch with TEAR's SA Coordinator Ben Clarke for a chat - email…

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Going deeper with TEAR in SA

Further Education

TEAR is involved in the development and delivery of a number of courses in theological colleges around Australia. These are fully accredited courses, some available through distance mode with face-to-face intensives. Read more.

Join a TEAR Group

Joining a TEAR Group is a great way to connect with people of faith who share TEAR's passion for achieving justice and ending poverty. Read more.

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TEAR Australia is a Christian development, relief and advocacy organisation responding to global poverty and injustice. More >

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