This project is part of Dhumba, TEAR's partnership with indigenous communities in Australia.

Arnhem Human Enterprise Development Project

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A project in responsive development in Yolngu communities in Galiwin'ku, North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

The AHED Project provides a service that walks alongside Yolngu people in the Galiwin'ku community to support them to initiate, develop and control their own enterprises. The  AHED Facilitators take an incarnational approach, living in the community, learning the local language and respecting local Yolngu cultural frameworks. The Facilitators act as bridges between Aboriginal and mainstream Australian culture to help Yolngu people navigate the complex demands of starting community organisations and community work. Their methodology involves starting with the client's motivation, ideas and knowledge, then working together step by step through any barriers to making their enterprise a success. The project seeks to break dependency patterns and restore control to Yolngu people over their own lives and communities - and ultimately to be able to live out their God-given potential. Find out more about the AHED Project at

Dhumba funds allow the AHED Project to continue to deliver its service in the community, assisting with administration costs, local travel and professional development and funding for a Yolngu community educator.

Arnhem Human Enterprise Development Project

AHED Facilitator Ben Grygoruk listens and learns about Yolngu knowledge from Yolngu client, Doris Yethun Burarrwanga.


  • Galiwinku NT 0822, Australia

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