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In Somalia: A Good News Story

Somalia has a certain ring to it. If you tell someone you are going to Somalia, the response is predictable. “Oh. Wow. Really? Isn’t it dangerous?” they ask. Then there’s a bit of silence.

What do you know about Somalia? Black Hawk Down? Pirates? Something about US interventions and Mohammad Farah Aidid? War, famine, conflict, kidnapping.

I want to tell you a good story.

It begins with Marian, the Country Director for Medair, and I leaving Nairobi at 4.30am. The taxi driver gets us to the airport in good time, and at 6.45am we board a Blue Sky flight to Mogadishu. They serve us nice little…

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In Somalia: A Good News Story

Improving health and nutrition for Somalia’s displaced people

In Somalia, decades of civil war have caused the almost total collapse of public infrastructure and social services, leading to one of the largest and most complex humanitarian crises in the world. According to recent UN statistics, Somalia’s maternal mortality, child malnutrition and under-five mortality rates are among the worst in the world. One in seven children under the age of five, or 203,000 children, are estimated to be acutely or severely malnourished, and one in every ten Somali children die before their first birthday (UNOCHA, Jan 2014).

TEAR has recently begun funding a health…

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Improving health and nutrition for Somalia’s displaced people

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