Household toilets improve quality of life in Cambodia

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Jop Yoeung is proud of her new toilet, which she built with her family after receiving training and support from TEAR’s partner the Cambodian Hope Organisation (CHO).

Household toilets, like the one built by Yoeung’s family, have brought about a significant change in the quality of life for the people of her village, on the Cambodia-Thai border. Not only do they help prevent the spread of disease, they also provide privacy and security – something the women in Yoeung’s family greatly appreciate.

Before her family built the toilet, Yoeung and the other women of her family would need to walk long distances to find a secluded place to go to the toilet, taking care to avoid places that may still harbour land mines left over from Cambodia’s violent past.

Household toilets improve quality of life in Cambodia

Around 15 families in the village have built their own toilets after receiving training by CHO. These families have funded the construction of the toilets themselves with money saved or borrowed through a village savings and loans group. Through this group, 20 families have also funded activities including improving their gardens and buying livestock. CHO has also educated the members of the group and other community members about home gardening, animal husbandry, maternal and child health, sanitation and hygiene and nutrition.

About our partner

Cambodian Hope Organisation (CHO) is a Christian NGO and TEAR partner based in Poipet on the border of Thailand. CHO’s work is inspired by the Matthew 22:39 verse “Love your neighbour as yourself”.


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