Safeguarding the Environment - Nepal

Caring for the Environment

No matter how much money you’ve got, a clean and green environment improves well-being. Enabling communities to improve their environment can mean better soil productivity, sanitation, fuel and food supply, but it also gives shade and beauty – and you can’t put a price on that.

This gift supports a variety of projects that help to protect the environment from degradation and safeguard it for generations to come. Activities may include tree planting to reduce soil erosion, community education and supporting local environmental groups to help care for the environment in their local community.

Safeguarding the Environment - Nepal

Tree Change

Tree-planting days have become a popular community activity, not only in Australia but also in developing countries like Nepal, where awareness about the environment is increasing. Projects like that run by TEAR’s partner Share and Care Nepal in the mountainous Nuwakot area, north of Kathmandu, are helping to develop communities’ understanding and concern for protecting the environment and saving natural resources.

Share and Care works with communities to organise and inspire “Environment Friendly Groups” and develop their knowledge about conservation and their ability to respond to environmental issues. Groups then spread the message and raise awareness within the rest of their community. They also participate in training on climate change and its causes and develop plans of action to address environmental issues.

Community tree planting is a part of the project, and over 150 people from the community have planted nearly 5000 trees in barren areas, helping to address erosion issues caused by deforestation. This has given the community a sense to protect and take care of the forests.

As well as vegetation, the project has helped raise awareness about wild life, teaching groups about rare species, animals and plants, which need to be protected.

About our partner – Share and Care Nepal

Inspired by the call of Jesus to love your neighbour as yourself, Share and Care works alongside poor and vulnerable communities for their holistic transformation. Its vision is for an empowered and transformed Nepali community having quality of life.


This month’s “table activity” is another simple one: make a collection of plants in the centre of your table – bring in a few pots of herbs, succulents, a bonsai and maybe a few branches. Arrange them in the centre of the table. Why do you have plants in your house or in your garden? What do you use them for? Food, shade, wildlife, beauty?

What’s your experience of gardening? Is it different from your grandparents’ experience? 


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Australian aid

This project has received funding from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), responsible for Australia's overseas aid program.

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