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Audio: TEAR NSW Conference 2017

Coming Back to Earth, Living Faithfully in the 21st Century

The 2017 TEAR NSW conference was an amazing time of fellowship and reflective and thoughtful teaching on God's heart for justice.

We hope you enjoy these free audio presentations from the event:

Audio: TEAR NSW Conference 2017

'Facing the Bad News & Inhabiting the Good News' by Jonathan Cornford

Keynote speaker, Dr Jonathan Cornford, Co-founder of Manna Gum, runs a ministry in good news economics. Jonathan is a humble, engaging and deeply knowledgeable speaker. He teaches and writes extensively about the Bible's vision of economic and ecological justice and how this applies to the complex global economy of the twenty-first century. It’s challenging stuff that you can apply in really practical ways to live out your faith in everyday life.

'When yours is a small voice for justice in your church' by Eric & Carolyn Hatfield

Eric & Carolyn Hatfield have led a social justice team at Menai Anglican church for a decade. They share their highs and lows and some ideas to encourage you to persevere even if your voice is small.


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