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We can help you join or start a Just Faith series - contact TEAR in your state to get started.

Just Faith has been designed by TEAR Australia for Christians who are interested in exploring the connections between their faith and the big issues of the world today. Participants are invited to open their Bibles, open their eyes, and open their hearts. Together we will investigate the state of the world and what the Bible says about how we can look at, understand and live well in this world.

The Just Faith campaign will help you consider what a biblical worldview looks like and how such a worldview challenges our faith and life. Just Faith is designed for adults, youth and children, so you can discover together what it means to follow Jesus in an unequal world.

The Just Faith kit consists of a small group study guide (x10), accompanying videos and a daily devotional booklet (x10):

Other resources available include: Sermon outlines, Youth resources and Children's resources. See samples below. 

  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: What about poverty?
  • Session 3: What about money?
  • Session 4: What about the environment?
  • Session 5: What about war and violence?
  • Session 6: What about speaking out?
  • Session 7: What about poverty on our doorstep?
  • Session 8: What about us?
Just Faith


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