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Kids 4 Kids - Lessons in Hope from Cambodia: Resource Kit


Chann, Srey Leak and Heng live on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. Their families are very poor, so everyone - women, men and children - work hard to survive. In this Kids4Kids resource pack, you'll find out how Cambodia Hope Organisation is working to protect children from exploitation and strengthen community spirit.

Through School on the Mat, children get access to a basic education, and are taught to keep safe. CHO also helps families increase their income in ways that don't put themselves and their children at risk. They offer opportunities for goat-rearing and small business development, as well as vocational training for young people, so they won't have to earn a living at the border.

Show your kids another world, and help them find ways to respond through the lessons and action ideas in this comprehensive Resource Pack. The kit includes:

  • A General Resources Booklet, providing an overview of the program, background information about Cambodia and about CHO, extra activities around Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy, games, craft ideas and the script for a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Three booklets for Junior, Middle and Upper Primary lessons containing ready to use lesson guides and the resources to support them. A series of three lessons, or just one lesson to accompany the DVD.
  • A simulation game that really brings home the issues faced by the Cambodian children
  • A 10-minute DVD giving you and your kids a window into the lives of Chann, Srey Leak and Heng, and other Cambodian kids living on the border
  • 2 large classroom posters
  • A resource CD containing heaps of large-format images for you to make your own resources, and a Powerpoint slideshow
  • A picture pack of seven picture cards, showing how CHO is making a difference in this very poor community

Download a sample of what's included in the resource kit (see below).

Kids 4 Kids - Lessons in Hope from Cambodia: Resource Kit


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