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Monsoon Simulation Game


Become an Indian farming family and explore issues of poverty, justice and faith under the fickle Indian monsoon.

Monsoon is a realistic and highly interactive simulation game that focuses on some of the dynamics of poverty in an imaginary village near Mysore in India.

Players take the roles of farmers and experience some of the forces that shape people's lives in a village. The game was originally designed and developed by SEARCH of India to help train people working in these communities. It has been modified by TEAR Australia to focus on challenging Australian Christians to think about issues of global poverty and injustice and how they relate to our faith.

  • Complexity: High, with extensive preparation required. This simulation is rich and detailed. For this reason, we recommend that you participate at least once as a player before you run the game yourself. TEAR staff are able to assist in training sessions or run this for your church or group.
  • Played in: a large hall or open space
  • Intended age group: Older youth and up, or family groups which include children and youth
  • Group size: 30+
  • Time Required: 2 - 3 hours
Monsoon Simulation Game


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