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A Journey of Faith

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Lent: The Journey Towards Easter

Week 4

Prayer: Lillian Charles. Artist Hannah Kallady


I was born into a poor family, yet I received many blessings from God. I think this Psalm has taught me that God has not entrusted in me to become rich or for me to become a person with all the resources, but has instead entrusted me a journey of faith. When I say journey of faith, I mean that on an everyday basis I have seen and experienced God’s provision in my life. From the time of my school and now at my workplace.

Living in Pakistan, when we read this passage we receive hope. We receive understanding that whatever the conditions are, even though we are a minority in Pakistan, we know that God is taking care of us in every situation. It does not mean that we will not have problems, that we will not face difficulties. But it means that whatever the situation would be, that God will provide his support and his help. Which is only possible through him, because we should not be relying on any human strength, but only on His strength.

Poster Lent 19 Wk4


My prayer is that God would help each believer to understand that He is in control, to understand that He is bigger than all our needs. To understand that He understands each situation and that He will give rest to all of us.


Remember our partners in prayer this week:

Many of our partners work in places where Christians face persecution. Please pray for protection, faith and unity among believers.

Join the work of restoration and hope.

This Easter, we invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting TEAR’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

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Lillian Charles

Lillian Charles

Lillian Charles is the Co-ordinator of the Primary Education Project (PEP) run by the Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Hyderabad, one of TEAR’s partners. The project has 77 community-established and managed schools, working to meet some of the needs of marginalised communities in rural Sindh. The project also engages with women in communities, who become champions for girls’ access to education.

Hannah Kallady

Hannah Kallady

Hannah Kallady is a Senior Digital Strategist with ntegrity, a digital marketing and strategy agency, and a member of the Board of TEAR Australia.

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