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Sustainable Christmas Tips
Tips for a sustainable (+ more meaningful!) Christmas

Tips on how to take a step back and make the festive season a simpler, more enjoyable time, and more connected to what Christmas means.

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A voice for those who don’t have a voice

The Reverend (Aunty) Alexandra Gater has spent much of her life as an advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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A Glimpse Of Gods Kingdom Nepal 1
A Glimpse of Heaven: Toilets Make a Difference in Nepal

A glimpse of God’s Kingdom: The extraordinary story of a village achieving health and harmony through the humblest of means, their toilets.

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Hope For Health Team
Reawakening Yolngu Vitality

TEAR partner Hope for Health has had a significant impact on the lives of many Yolngu women and men.

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Whose Progress 1
Whose Progress?

The MDGs are over, the Sustainable Development Goals are in! How can progress be measured? Surely there is more than development statistics to…

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Cave Downward Light Shadow
There is So Much Grief

Pastor Don Hayward shares his thoughts on grief and "compound trauma" in Aboriginal communities, and how the church can be involved in helping and…

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Background Yellow Flowers
The Aboriginal church gets overloaded by funerals

A reflection on the pressures faced by ministers and Aboriginal churches as they live in the reality of lower Indigenous life expectancy.

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A Journey To A Yolngu Funeral In Arnhem Land Day 2
A Journey to a Yolngu Funeral in Arnhem Land

A glimpse into the reality behind the statistics in remote Indigenous communities, a chance to see why it matters, and a celebration Yolngu culture…

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World Teachers Day 2018 Asmita
Teaching children to become all they can be

Have ever had a teacher who ignited a spark in you, celebrated your creativity or encouraged your passion? Asmita from Nepal is one of those special…

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