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NEICORD COVID-19 response
Partnership in Pandemic: May/June Update

How COVID-19 is impacting communities facing poverty - and how TEAR's partners are responding in this crisis. (May 2020)

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Delivering Life in Places of Great Need

In South Sudan, mums and their new arrivals are enjoying greater opportunities to thrive, thanks to Traditional Birth Attendants like Mary.

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We are connected

Our justice is bound up together – mine and yours, sick and healthy, rich and poor, droughts and floods, consumer and producer, Indigenous and…

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Flowers sunset
Beginning in darkness

Right now, we face uncertainty like never before. A blank page of life-size proportion which at times can be both daunting and dark.

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Anna earl XBD Hm I Xvsv M unsplash
Kids’ ministry in a challenging season

How do we keep kids connected with the heart of God and help them focus on peace and hope in this challenging season?

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Sure hope in uncertain times

As she prays “where are you Lord?” and “what are you saying?”, Cathy Delaney feels God offering us new opportunities and lessons.

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Lent2020 7 hope

"Hope" | Lent 2020: Week 7 – In Christ we have an unshakeable hope for the future and everything we need to live out our lives here on earth.

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It's Saturday, but Sunday's coming

Our COVID_19 and Easter Saturday waiting is a legacy of the hope we anchor on Easter Sunday - the renewal of all things.

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Credit cards
What can our bank statement tell us about our faith in God?

If we took the time to look over our bank statements, what would it tell us about our faith in God?

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