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Safe water for healthy families

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When nearly half of the country’s children are at risk of dying before their fifth birthday, the time to take action is right now. Life-giving solutions need to be within reach for vulnerable families, and that’s exactly what local partner Sahara Community Health Association (SaCHA) is determined to make happen.

With a vision to eliminate water-borne diseases (a major cause of illness and mortality for under-5s in the region), SaCHA has rallied 24 village-based Water Groups – representing nearly 900 households – to understand and address the most pressing water and sanitation issues.

As part of a Water Group workshop, these women have learned how to use alum to treat drinking water. Now, the water they gather for their families can be easily and effectively filtered, reducing the likelihood of disease. With simple solutions in their hands, these women are seeing their children enjoy better health and brighter futures.

Water Group
These women are part of a water group, working to ensure safe water and better health in their community.

This year, we hope to see more than 10,000 people enjoying improved access to safe water through TEAR’s partners. Your support will enable our partners to bring the gift of safe and reliable water to vulnerable communities, motivated by the love of God, who ‘satisfies the thirsty soul’ (Psalm 107:9).

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Melody is the Communications Lead at TEAR Australia.