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TEAR read-a-thon

TEAR read-a-thon

Date: Any time in 2020!

What is TEAR read-a-thon?

TEAR read-a-thon is a fun and practical way to help students respond to global poverty. It offers students inspiration, hope and a demonstration of one way that individuals and groups of people can contribute to lasting change.

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For many people around the world, education is just a distant dream. At TEAR, we celebrate that God has created enormous potential in every person to flourish, especially with access to education. Your school’s fundraising effort will help our local partners in many countries to achieve this vision with projects like community schools, adult literacy programs and teacher training.

When can we run TEAR read-a-thon?

Anytime! Please let us know which 2-6 week period works best for your school. We’ve also found that many schools like to run TEAR read-a-thon between 1 August - 15 September.

Sign up your school for TEAR read-a-thon 2020, and help people around the world access the power of education!

Download the information brochure or register your interest today.

TEAR read-a-thon is a great opportunity to get kids to read, and read with purpose!

Librarian, VIC
Readathon 2020 violet
Violet, grade 7, from Zambia.

Join schools around Australia to give a brighter future

In eastern Zambia, it’s not uncommon for families to experience weeks or even months where there isn’t enough food to go around. Often, the food that is available is very basic, meaning that kids are not only hungry, but they’re not getting what they need to grow healthy and strong.

“It’s hard to learn if you’re hungry.” – Jenny, Program Officer for Zambia

Violet is a clever student. She studies hard and hopes to be a preschool teacher when she grows up. TEAR’s partner ROCS has been helping her family to make sure there’s nutritious food all year round, and to help them stay healthy. Through the nutrition club at her school, Violet is learning about different types of food and is able to share what she is learning with her family. They’re all doing a great job too. They raise chickens, goats and pigs and have a wonderful vegetable garden and fruit trees too.

Your support of TEAR’s read-a-thon is helping families like Violet’s to create a brighter future and take steps out of poverty.

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I hope to be a preschool teacher. If I study hard, I’m sure it will happen!

– Violet

TEAR read-a-thon captured the imagination of many of our students... But more than this, it was also a time to ‘lift their gaze’ by learning about students in parts of the world where opportunities for schooling are limited. – Teacher, WA

More information

For more information or to register, please contact our friendly team at [email protected] or on 1800 244 986.

Download the TEAR read-a-thon brochure


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