Can you ‘live on one planet’ for a week?

Join TEAR's sustainable lifestyle challenge and support communities most affected by the impacts of climate change. More

Speak forTomorrow

TEAR Speakers are available to share an engaging, interactive and biblical presentation addressing the theme of 'courage to imagine'. Read more.

Useful Gifts

Useful Gifts

The original way to buy a goat, a toilet and other unusual gifts. Buy the ones you love a gift that keeps on giving. Buy a gift.

Useful Gifts


For many, leaving a bequest is a chance to give more than they could during their lifetime, and to express deeply-held values in a lasting way. Learn more.

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TEAR Australia is a Christian development, relief and advocacy organisation responding to global poverty and injustice. More >

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@CraftiMummy I bought education-related @TEARAustralia cards last year - very well received!1414396167

Phil Croot on why #LiveOnOnePlanet is such an important idea:… #forTomorrow1414378294

A really good video by @TEARAustralia. Really worth a watch:…1413988714