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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Support Program

‘Dhumba’ is the name of TEAR Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Program. It is a Woi Wurrung word for talk, tell, speak. The word captures our aim to build relationships through good communication, listening and talking together. More information


South East Asia & Pacific

Livelihoods & Food Security  View all

Vegetable Gardens, Bangladesh

Featured project - Bangladesh:

Vegetable Gardens, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi woman Jacinta Holder is proud of her thriving vegetable patch. “I feel very…

Environmental Sustainability  View all

PNKS: A Broad Approach to Adaptation

Featured project - Cambodia:

PNKS: A Broad Approach to Adaptation

The staff at PNKS know too well the impact that climate change is having on the communities…

Strengthening Civil Society  View all

Arnhem Human Enterprise Development Project

Featured project - Australia:

Arnhem Human Enterprise Development Project

A project in responsive development in Yolngu communities in Galiwin'ku, North East…

Disaster Relief & Recovery  View all

Nepal Earthquake Evaluation

Featured project - Nepal:

Nepal Earthquake Evaluation

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015 twenty Integral Members came…

Health  View all

Shaping Government Policy for Mental Health, Nepal

Featured project - {markers}{marker:formatted_address}{/markers}:

Shaping Government Policy for Mental Health, Nepal

Shaping Government Policy for Mental Health While most advocacy undertaken through…

Education  View all

The Women Transforming the Slums of Thane, India

Featured project - {markers}{marker:formatted_address}{/markers}:

The Women Transforming the Slums of Thane, India

Poonam Nair (pictured) is a social worker with Saahasee, one of TEAR’s Indian partners.…

Women's Empowerment  View all

Women’s Groups in Mazar, Afghanistan

Featured project - {markers}{marker:formatted_address}{/markers}:

Women’s Groups in Mazar, Afghanistan

With years of experience living and working in Afghanistan, Phil Sparrow doubted that…

Water & Sanitation  View all

Mozambique - Hopes for Tomorrow

Featured project - Mozambique:

Mozambique - Hopes for Tomorrow

Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest countries. 44% of children under the age of five…

In response to the severe food shortage and drought affecting several countries in east Africa, TEAR Australia has launched the East Africa Emergency Appeal.

How TEAR Responds to Emergencies

Integral Alliance

Integral is a global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies responding to emergency situations around the world. Its main focus is on collaborating when disasters happen, to find opportunities to avoid duplication, and to maximise resources for communities requiring emergency relief. TEAR Australia is a member of the Integral alliance.


While TEAR allocates the majority of its resources to long-term development work, we also support responses our partner organisations make to humanitarian emergencies. Apart from the immense and immediate suffering they cause, disasters deepen poverty and retard development.

TEAR supports both short-term emergency relief projects that enable disaster-affected people to survive, and medium-term recovery and rehabilitation projects. Highest priority is given to those cases where development work that TEAR is supporting is directly affected by a disaster. Care is taken to minimise the risk of relief inputs undermining local markets and communities' other self-help capacities. Focus is given to projects which help prepare communities for longer-term development initiatives.

TEAR responds to partner requests for emergency assistance either directly or through joint efforts with other members of the Integral Alliance.

When you support TEAR through our regular giving programs, it allows us to commit long-term funding for our international partners who are working with communities to create lasting, sustainable change.

TEAR's Approach to Development

TEAR Australia’s development program is shaped by a vision for a just and compassionate world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential. We work in partnership with local Christian organisations, rather than implementing projects ourselves, because we believe that local people best understand the needs of their communities and can develop authentic long-term relationships, resulting in projects that are both relevant and sustainable.

TEAR supports grassroots development initiatives where community members, particularly the poorest and most marginalised, can determine project priorities and participate at every level of project implementation. Our partners understand the complex and multi-dimensional nature of poverty and therefore approach development in a holistic and integrated way. As such, they frequently implement integrated community development projects that address a combination of issues, including health, education, food security and livelihoods, water and sanitation, environmental sustainability, gender equality and governance.

Most of all we passionately believe that good development works – that with the right approach people can experience lasting transformation and the fullness of life that God intended.

Guidelines for development and relief assistance.

Note: This is a small selection of our projects. Not all projects shown.

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