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Give monthly to TEAR Australia's General Funds to help us commit to and support our partners' work into the future. You'll receive a subscription to our Target Magazine, which helps you to do deeper into the issues from a biblical perspective.

Become a TEAR Australia Partner. | Where your money goes

There are no quick fixes when it comes to poverty. The good news is that there are solutions: but they require hard work, creativity and a commitment to standing alongside the poor in their struggle.

That's the kind of dedication we see in our overseas partners - churches, Christian development agencies and community organisations - as they help transform lives and confront unjust structures.

We need Australians with the same commitment. People who take seriously Jesus' command to "love your neighbour as much as you love yourself".

By becoming a TEAR Australia Partner, and praying and giving regularly to our work, you can bring Good News to the poor - of hope, liberation and fullness of life.

Partner with TEAR Australia

Connect with our international partners and help whole communities walk the long road out of poverty.

Who Does it Help?

As a TEAR Partner you're enabling our overseas partners to support long-term, grassroots development projects that help marginalised communities address the causes of poverty. Examples include:

  • Assisting the community to establish pre-schools for children from poor families in Ethiopia.
  • Training traditional birth attendants so women in Nepal can give birth with greater confidence.
  • Helping villages construct clean water systems in Afghanistan to reduce deaths from water-borne diseases.
  • Strengthening local institutions in Cambodia so community groups can plan and manage their own development.
  • Providing assistance for sustainable forestry and conservation programs in Zambia.
  • Working with remote communities in Burma to grow more food and improve children's health and nutrition.

Find out more about the projects you can help support, in these publications: Project newsTarget Magazine, and TEAR News.

Become a TEAR Partner.

Keeping You Informed

Keeping our supporters informed is a high priority for TEAR Australia. That's because we believe helping Christians in Australia understand the realities of global poverty, and letting this knowledge shape their lives and faith, is as significant as our development work.

As a TEAR Australia Partner, you'll receive:

  • TEAR Update monthly (email) - with news of events, advocacy, prayer points and updates from projects.
  • TEAR News quarterly (print) - featuring short updates from overseas partners and supporters in Australia, news and events.
  • Target Magazine twice per year (print) - featuring in-depth, news and views on development and justice, a Bible study, lifestyle reflections, advocacy, financial updates and supporter news.
  • Annual Statement, of your tax-deductible donations, posted at the end of each financial year.

Print Publications

TEAR is committed to keeping spending on printing as low as possible. Each copy of Target Magazine costs less than $1 to produce. We see this as an investment in helping our supporters encounter the realities of global poverty while enabling the voiceless to tell their stories.

10 Reasons why you should be a TEAR Partner

Being a TEAR Australia Partner is the most effective way to fight poverty we know. Here's why:

  1. There are no quick fixes when it comes to poverty. Long-term sustainable change takes long-term commitment.
  2. Your regular giving will help TEAR be good partners to our overseas partners, enabling us to effectively plan and budget as we support their poverty-fighting work into the future.
  3. An emergency appeal helps address a crisis. Partnership addresses the ongoing crises that don't make our TV screens - like infant mortality, dirty water and malnutrition - that have just as high a toll.
  4. A Useful Gift makes a fantastic present for a special occasion. Partnership keeps giving 365 days a year.
  5. Your giving will be used where it's needed most - among the most vulnerable and marginalised, supporting programs that aren't always fashionable in places that aren't in the news.
  6. Partnership is about stewardship - an acknowledgment that our wealth isn't ours but God's.
  7. Partnership means putting the last first. It's acknowledging that the amount we share with a word in need shouldn't be based on what's left after we've spent all we want.
  8. By donating monthly by direct debit or credit card, you're reducing TEAR's administration costs and maximising the impact of your gift.
  9. Your gifts are tax-deductible - you'll receive a statement of your donations for that financial year each July.
  10. Finally, being a Partner is about more than giving. TEAR's Target Magazine will help inform and challenge you as you live, pray and speak out for justice in solidarity with the world's poor and in obedience to God's call.

Join our partnership against poverty today.

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