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Walking on Oceans - courage + beauty in a time of fear

What then does it mean to live well in a time of pandemic? Three ideas to encourage you in this ‘strange time’.

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Heavenly flickr
I’ve just received an inheritance. Now what?

Over the past few years I’ve had a lot of discussions with people who were administering an inheritance...

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Lent2020 5 set free
Set Free

"Set Free" | Lent 2020: Week 5 – We all long for freedom, for ourselves, for our communities and for the world. In Christ we find true freedom and…

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Copy of At times like these the message of Christ loving our neighbour is a much needed reminder and re orientation for each of us
A personal message from our CEO Matthew Maury

A personal message from our CEO Matthew Maury in response to the COVID-19 health crisis

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A Psalm for when the boundaries tighten

Today, we’re all feeling the pinch of tightening boundaries. But between the lavish and lack, there is holy ground.

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Diana parkhouse 7 H9qv U5 G Brw unsplash
Laying fear at God's feet

An honest response to the COVID-19 crisis from Hannah, a Christian, teacher, mum of 3 and Tassie TEAR supporter.

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Lent2020 4 all creation groans
Creation Groans

"Creation Groans" | Lent 2020: Week 4 – Pollution, coral bleaching, drought and climate change are all signs of a creation that is longing for…

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Kenny timmer Yc5s L ejk6 U unsplash
I'm giving up sugar for Lent...a reflection on children, faith and spiritual rhythms

How can we carve out time to stop, confess our ‘poverty of spirit’ and recommit ourselves to be people of resurrection in the lead up to Easter?

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An epic journey for justice

WA TEAR supporter Heather is rowing solo from California to Hawaii and raising money for TEAR projects along the way. Read why.

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