The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. - John 1:9 NIV

In Jesus we see the fulfilment of God’s love for all people. Jesus’ birth creates hope for all people on earth. A hope and knowledge that brokenness, poverty and injustice are not the end of the story.

That true light still shines brightly in places of darkness around the world. It’s this hope that we at TEAR continue to hold on to until all things are made new in Jesus.

For many people facing poverty life is filled with despair. Yet with your help, TEAR Australia and our partners are able to reflect God’s true light and hope into communities facing poverty.

Christmas Appeal 2017

Nyi Sar Dawe

Nyi Sar Dawe has three children. As with many families of young children, keeping everyone strong and healthy is an ongoing challenge. Even more so if you’ve never been taught the basics of health and hygiene.

“In my family there was usually one family member sick every month. Most of the family expenditure was for health. My husband used to be hospitalised for 10 days because of malaria; my eldest son was hospitalised for diarrhoea; and the other two children have skin diseases. We used to live with my father-in-law and the extended family. Being crowded made it difficult for food consumption and increased the potential to get illness. I had to sell belongings to pay for my treatment. But then my life was changed from the hardest situation.

When I visited my aunt who is a community health worker in her village, she shared about her village improving in health.

I wanted my village to be full of improvement and hoped for (TEAR Partner) World Concern to come.

When World Concern came, it was in 2011; the village didn’t have toilets, no bed nets, and we were drinking unboiled water.”

As the project began, Nyi Sar Dawe started using the skills she had learned. Her family adopted them, and so did other households in the community. Simple things like hand-washing, having basic toilets and sleeping under mosquito nets began to make a huge change. The family was healthier, and able to redirect money they spent on medical treatment to other purposes.

And perhaps nothing has changed as much as Nyi Sar Dawe’s attitude towards development and the future of her community. Not only did World Concern bring practical help... They brought hope.

Your gift to TEAR Australia’s Christmas Appeal declares that true light has come. Help us shine more of God’s light to communities facing poverty.


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